Navagraha Yatra (Temple Tour)
6 - 9 October 2018

Join for an unforgettable journey to the main temples of the Nine Planets (Nava Grahas) in India, after Maha Shivaratri from 14-18 February 2018. (Limited seats available)

"The Navagraha (Nine Planets) have an impact on us. Just as they have an impact on water, they impact us as well because our bodies have 70 percent of the water element. The mind, water, and planets are all intimately connected. The macro and micro cosmos are connected."
- Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Significance and benefits of Navagraha Yatra
Visiting these Navagraha temples will not affect the Sun or other planets but you holding an umbrella will definitely protect you from the sun. In a similar way, meditating and doing puja in these Navagraha temples will reduce / nullify the ill effects of the nine planets. And it will enhance the positive effects that these Celestial beings have on us. 

Going for this Navagraha Yatra is like an all-round protection and solution. It is a wonderful opportunity to visit these beautiful and ancient temples and also learn more as Swami Purnachaitanya will reveal more secrets and stories during this tour.

The schedule of the Navagraha Temple Tour is as follows:


05 October:

Arrival in the Art of Living International Center, Bangalore. Departure from main Reception building on 06 October at 06.00 am. 


06 October:

Departure from Main Reception building on 06 October at 06:00am, visit Suryanarayan Kovil Temple and Moon Temple on the way, check in at the resort, enjoy the evening at your, overnight stay at Resort.


07 October:

Post breakfast; visit Rahu Temple, Guru Temple and Shukran Temple, overnight stay at Resort in Kumbakonam.


08 October:

Post Breakfast; visit Marc Temple, Dhanvantari Temple, Marcury Temple followed by Ketu and Shai Temple, overnight stay at the Resort.


09 October:

Early Morning experience long Sudarshan Kriya at Gurudev’s birthplace at Papanasam, proceed to Art of Living international center, Bangalore. Overnight stay at Bangalore.


Tour Includes:

1) Transportation in A/C Bus

2) Stay at 4 star Resort in Kumbakonam

3) All meals

4) Special Darshan, Meditation and session with Swami Ji in all Temples

5) Visit to Gurudev’s Birthplace in Papanasam



Please book return ticket only for 10 October, post lunch.


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