Art of Silence (Meditation Retreat)
23 - 26 May 2019

The Art of Silence Program, also known as the Art of Living Part 2 Program, is a 4-day residential meditation retreat that allows one to refresh the body and rejuvenate the mind, and go deep within. It contains powerful processes as well as profound guided meditations and relaxation techniques to de-stress the mind. One is also introduced to the use of Mudras as a preparation for meditation, and a better understanding of the connection between the mind, emotions, the flow of the ‘prana’ or ‘subtle life-force energy’, sensations in the body, and the ‘chakras or ‘energy centres’.


After being introduced to gentle yoga exercises, simple yet effective breathing techniques, the powerful Sudarshan Kriya and practical wisdom in the Art of Living Happiness Program, the Part 2 program allows one to continue one’s journey on the spiritual path by deepening one’s understanding of the mind and emotions, and to experience the silence of the Being that is beyond all these. The retreat includes a few days of ‘silence’, where participants maintain silence, which allows them to go much deeper into meditation, and release many unnecessary impressions.


The Advanced Meditation Program is the main advanced level program of The Art of Living and many sincere spiritual seekers make it a point to attend a silence retreat at least once or twice a year. Every consecutive program allows the aspirants to go deeper into silence and experience more subtle layers of consciousness.


For more information, details, and registration, please contact:


Anand Makan 
Phone: +27 83 244 2696


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